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Membership Renewal Form

Membership renewal is due after the annual AGM when the fee is agreed. Ratified members will be required to renew their membership within 4 weeks of the AGM which is usually at a discounted rate. If they do not do so, they will have to go through the application process again as if a new member, including ratification.

Please put your name in the reference box when completing Internet banking, to ensure the Treasurer knows who the payment is from.

GDPR Statement:

As part of the requirements of GDPR, the following statement applies to the data submitted on this form.

APFG collects and stores this data for the purposes of maintaining the membership of the club and will be used solely to keep you informed of forthcoming events within the Club and to provide you with information such as AGM calling notices, EGM’s etc.

This data is held securely and will not be shared with any person without your permission. Information will usually be sent by email unless you state a different preference. You will always have the option to unsubscribe from mailings at any time.


The membership fee will ne ratified at the AGM.  Members renewing shall pay no later than 4 weeks following the date of the AGM.  After this date, membership will have deemed to have lapsed and if a member wishes to rejoin they must go through the application process again, including ratification.